Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Young Winemakers of Portugal -Together Uphill

They are all independent and they have come together to make a stand for the wine that they love to make. Above all they are young and the latest group who shares an interest to integrate old tradition with a new fresh approach. They are all young winemakers and a talented group of young producers from Portugal who share some new ideas and cooperate costs. It defines a new generation of original new thinkers, presenting new elements on winemaking from the great heritage of Portugal. The large variety of grapes and styles can be confusing when it comes to portuguese wines,but it is also a key success factor and a positive biodiversity element. For each new experiment they bring a freshness to their projects with good quality to their cause.

Young wine makers of Portugal consists of Joao Cabral de Almeida - Chameleon;
Luis Patron - Vadio; already catching attentions and high points from the International wine commenters; Rita Marques and her - Concept , Diogo and Pedro Campilho Pinion - Hobby , Pedro Barbosa - Clip (pictured between Peter and Pinion Diogo Campilho.)
They all produce distinctive wines, and show a new way of differentiated and uninhibited winemaking. Learning from tradition and bringing new methods.The group covers almost all the regions in Portugal: Douro,Vinhos Verdes, Bairrada,Tejo, Lisboa, and Alentejo.

Young winemakers of Portugal understand their geographical terroir and they are all coming strong. They work properly with their widely differing altitudes and soils and grapes. They handle microclimates to produce their wines. It might be uphill for competition.They try out various regions of Portugal and strive to produce some of the best wine.They are adventurous enough to have some experience with winemaking in other parts of the world. they all have independent concepts and good graphic design of their labels. Together they share this one thing upon which they wholeheartedly like to do. And that is to make wine!
Thats why their motto is "Together uphill"

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